Designing for Collisions

The way we organize our physical space can have a great effect on our culture through the way we interact with colleagues.

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Now that a greater emphasis on collaboration has found its way into the workforce, designers are starting to understand the effects that space can have on influencing culture. Steve Jobs understood the relationship between culture and shared space very well and designed Apple and Pixar's space to create "collisions" between people who otherwise may never interact. These spontaneous collisions were critical for inspiring creativity, thanks to the conversations they helped to facilitate. More companies are now following suit, including Cornell's forthcoming tech campus in New York, where architects are designing space to bring people together in interesting ways. When considering culture, it's thus important to also think about the kinds of space that can help support it.


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This made me think of the Ted Talk, the Kindergarten created in a circle with all open space.

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Thanks, Valerie! This is absolutely phenomenal!

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