Culture of Critique

A blog post I wrote on our school's need to develop a culture of critique to keep continually improving

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Great post, Steve; thanks for drawing our attention to it! This particular analogy struck me;

"The handle is a pithy statement such as ‘21st Century Learning’ ‘trust the process’- a statement that stands for so much more than 3 words. You will have one of these sayings at your school. The suitcase represents all that has gone into the formation of the phrase: the experience, the deep wisdom, the truths that emerge from struggle. Too often we grab the handle and without realizing it walk off without the suitcase. What’s more, we don’t even think about what we have left behind. After all the handle is so much easier to carry around than the suitcase."

I'm in complete agreement that this is the unfortunate way we tend to operate with initiatives and new buzzwords. Too often, I fear, we avoid all criticism and critique of our ideas, thanks to the assumption that we can't make mistakes or start over. I'd love to ideate through ways to open up our cultures to criticism and reflection--this is an area where I'm stuck.

I'd also love to hear more about your question and "Help Me!" walls. What was shared? How were they received?