Communicating Our Values

We need to be aware of the many ways we communicate whether we value innovation.

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If we are going to communicate that we value innovation, we need to be aware of all the ways we communicate what we value, so we don't establish one means of encouraging innovation but contradict that through other actions.

Ways we as teachers get messages about whether innovation is valued:

- Directions on what to teach and how to teach it, such as through documents like pacing schedules, adopted curriculum materials, and professional development

- Response to new ideas from students, parents, peers, and administrators

- What is measured and how that data is shared and used (including but not limited to what is assessed and how report cards are worded)

- How decisions are made at the school site and district level

- What is praised, rewarded, and celebrated

- How time is used

- How space is used

- How money is spent

- Community dialog such as media coverage and social media discussion

Messages to kids about innovation:

- What we assign and how we assign it

- Response to ideas from teachers and other staff, classmates, and parents

- What we measure and how we measure it (such as classwork, homework, tests and assessments, report cards)

- How we use time

- How we use space including what we display

- What materials we provide

- What we praise, reward, and celebrate


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