Coding for The Community

Partner students with local businesses to create technological solutions, while allowing students to gain real-life experience.

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The aim of this project is to partner students with local businesses to create technological solutions, while allowing students to gain real-life experience and work creatively, and allowing businesses to gain crucial technology solutions and build connections with the community.

Schools will partner up with local businesses to provide coding solutions for business needs. Students can help design software that assists local businesses with analyzing and understanding sales trends and customer satisfaction. Students can also design websites, and create social media accounts to advertise for businesses' unique needs.

Students will be grouped in small multi-grade level teams guided by 2-3 teachers with coding and technology development skills. Schools can also team up with local technology advocates to gain crucial tech support.


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I've just joined this website of collaboration and I intrigued to see that in 2015 you were trying out this idea and I was too in a similar way with my school in New Zealand. The idea to innovate career opportunities and build closer relationships with t he wider community. Our town has lost a lot of businesses due to online shopping. I have not used the unit since 2015 it hit a roadblock but I will this year 2017. This partnership can be sustainable if designed and managed right. I had students designing websites but other areas you suggest I will try. Our roadblock to this was school restraints taking ownership on everything the students designed and money made. Can you suggest your approach to that? Thanks

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This is an awesome inspiration that I can see being developed into an idea in the ideate phase. You should definitely contribute so that we can all flesh out the idea.

In case it might be helpful, here is a “tips & strategies for ideating” recording ( ). Let me know if you have any questions or if you need a sounding board. Can't wait to see what you add!

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Thank you. I would gladly work on this project with you. I'm not sure how to move this project to the ideate phase. Every time I click on the link, it take me back to the start and it asks me to re-type the details of the project.

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Great idea and an authentic way for students to learn. Community partnerships benefit learners in a variety of ways including; real-time learning, promotion of social and emotional skills and career exploration (to name a few).