Building/Reviving Learning Spaces to Establish Culture and Innovation

Make small changes in areas where students gather (or will gather with a little inspiration) and build pockets of culture and innovation.

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Theaster Gates shares changes he's helped make that started with a building, then a block, and then a neighborhood. I propose we as educators start in the classroom, then in common formal and informal learning spaces, and then a school. Finding small places where students can gather, talk, discuss, collaborate, share, and be who they are, we can help cultivate a culture and sense of belonging in a school at a time when all students need this type of space and interaction.


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Love the "yes and" principle - comes straight from doing good improv comedy! One thing I will add is that we will be working with the primary users (aka the students) of these spaces as we design them. It is vital to get their feedback, yet we often exclude them from planning conversations and strategic teams.

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