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Innovation takes courage and where there is community/safety there is courage,and the rituals of morning and closing meetings foster this.

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I believe creating a safe risk-taking environment is the first step to innovation. Rituals such as morning meeting and closing circles (Responsive Classroom, RC) help to build community. While RC is geared for elementary, the ritual of meeting as a class at the start and end of the day is beneficial for all ages. When you build the community first then students feel safe to try new things, express their ideas, and accept help from peers. This sense of working together and non-judgement helps innovation come to life. Another ritual I feel is an important part of innovation is Genius Hour. 


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We have morning and afternoon Homeroom at our Middle School. I never thought of creating the atmospere of the circle on the rug in kindergarten. I love that, and I'm sure there's a way to do it that is appropriate for 6th graders. I'd love some ideas on how to create that. Just having the idea is a starting place...Thanks!

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These comments also make me think that the simple beginning / end of day rituals is really about establishing trust. If you know that certain things will always be in place and you can rely on that - it might make you feel more comfortable taking a risk elsewhere.

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