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Google Expeditions!

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I love the possibilities that virtual reality has--I was just looking at some of Vrse's stuff yesterday.

How have you seen it used in the classroom? My worry is that it is a "one-off" or not tied well into the curriculum--how can we utilized it effectively? The possibilities, especially with empathy, seem endless.

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Hi ,
Jessica I did buy a google cardboard and I downloaded VRSE and showed to my kids the "evolution of verse". I showed just to see my kids reactions afterwards I had planned to ask them to write opinion about it. Needless to say they were so excited that we just spoke about it. For what I understand Google is planning it in such a way that we can use with our curriculum. I teach at the UN school and they will have walks through cities so I can tie to what I teach as we learn about continents, countries and we look at where the kids are from. Also, it seems they will have virtual space trip....constellations, Planets. It is a tool and I believe will be an awesome enhancement to teaching!
I am excited!

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That's great! I can't wait to see where this goes--definitely adds a new dimension to what you can do in the classroom.

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I know right!!! You should sign up to!!!

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I think I have but will do it again :) Have you heard from them?

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Not yet!!! Keeping my fingers crossed! :-))))