BIE Creativity & Innovation Rubrics

Tools for evaluating innovation in project-based learning

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When we describe student work as "innovative" or "creative," what do we mean? Maybe students collected information in an unusual way. Maybe their final presentation was visually exciting. Maybe they personalized the challenge, broke a few rules, or invented an unfamiliar solution. Would a student project need accomplish all these things – or just a few – to earn the distinction of being "innovative"? 

These are healthy questions that may represent an unavoidable dilemma in assessment. But left unanswered, they have the potential to drain teachers' motivation (or ability) to design and implement new routines to foster innovation. 

A promising start comes from the Buck Institute for Education, a non-profit organization that supports gold-standard project-based learning. Their creativity & innovation rubrics are CCSS aligned, and can be adapted for use in any setting: 

Most are downloadable as either a PDF or Doc. 

p.s. Just after I posted this, BIE tweeted a curated list of resources for Creativity in PBL.


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Hey Charlie, I think that the idea of a rubric for innovation speaks to the overall HMW around rituals and routines. Creating rubrics that educators can quickly pick up and implement could be a small yet tremendously impactful resource. If it were me, I would love to see this idea in the ideate phase. I am willing to bet others would love to build on this idea and collaborate to fully flesh it out.

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Ok, will do. I have an idea.

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