At Zappos, Pushing Shoes and a Vision (NYT)

The goal of Holacracy is to create a dynamic workplace where everyone has a voice and bureaucracy doesn’t stifle innovation.

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Hey Patrick! Would be great to see some of the "rituals and routines" of holocracy posted. I know that they have a lot of meeting structures and role definitions and such, have you found that in what you've been reading? Would be inspiring to see those called out, they might be very portable to schools!

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Sandy, thank you for the comment. Here is what I found:

Circle: In a Holacracy, people work within circles that represent different aspects of a company's work.

Role: A job with a specific mandate within a circle. The person who empowers a given role has autonomy over that domain.

Governance: A regimented meeting where the structure of the organization—circles, roles—is decided. These can happen as often as an organization thinks is necessary.

Tactical Meeting: A replacement for weekly team meetings, during which circle members "process tensions" until they're resolved.

Tension: "Dissonance between what is (current reality) and what could be (the purpose)." In other words: the problem someone has with the work.

Tension Processing: Each person talks out his problem with the group until he who raised the tension is satisfied with a next step.