astroEDU: A Peer-reviewed Open-access Astronomy Education Activities Platform

A Peer-reviewed Open-access Astronomy Education Activities Platform

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astroEDU is a platform that allows educators to discover, review, distribute, improve and remix astronomy education activities, and offers a free peer-review service by professionals in education and science.

Hundreds of thousands of astronomy education activities exist, but their quality is highly variable. Using the familiar peer-review workflow of scientific publications, astroEDU is improving standards of quality, visibility and accessibility, while providing credibility to these astronomy education activities.


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Hi again Pedro! Hope you had a good week. I'm wondering what ideas you might have to contribute, now that we're in the Ideate phase. Whether it's something inspired by astroEDU, or elsewhere, we'd love to hear what you're thinking. Looking forward to collaborating more, and have a good weekend!