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We had a visit by architects to our school and Instead of bringing my insight I spoke to my students about it and brought in theirs!

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and they designed what would be the perfect learning environment for them!  They explained to me their designs and it was interesting to see the commonalities. Most designs show that they want a quiet place, with soft music and maybe an aquarium to chill out and during the discussion they said they didn't want set snack and lunchtimes as sometimes they are not hungry and would prefer to work as they feel sometimes I interrupt their work for snack/lunch and they were really into the work!

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This is great! It is amazing how different the teacher/student perspective of the classroom environment can be. I had the opportunity to a classroom redesign a few years ago. I build a design team consisting of about 8-10 5th graders. They came up with a similar theme of a calm/chill environment. They even went as far as to research the psychology of color before choosing a paint color for the walls. We also had valuable conversation about bulletin boards and if they held any value.

Great work! Would love to see pictures if their ideas come to fruition.

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and my students are only 5 1/2, 6 years old! The architects asked for a copy of their classroom designs and I was happy to comply. Let's see what happens :-)

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I really hope some of their ideas come to life. Thank you for sharing!

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HA! I guess I need to scroll all the way down!!! Patrick and I both teach at RCS and worked on these projects together. As well as the current building project.

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So cool!! How great for your students to have the architects asking for their plans!

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They loved it! I scanned all the designs and they helped! The architects received all 19 designs. Here I posted set 1 only. Let' see if they will use some of the kids ideas :-)

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