An Ethic of Excellence: Building a Culture of Craftsmanship with Students by Ron Berger

Ron Berger provides an approach for building an "ethic of excellence" and "culture of craftsmanship" in the classroom.

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Ron Berger offers routines an an approach to building a "culture of craftsmanship" among students.  This is focused on the "quality" of work, but could likely be remixed to guide a "culture of innovation."

Information about Ron's book is available here.  I have previously written a summary of my learnings from the book here: An Ethic of Excellence – Five Takeaways.


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Just ordered the Berger book and Checklist Manifesto. I'm always talking about trying to find a way to get our students to value excellence. Is this an issue at your school?

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Yes, leading students to value excellence has been a challenge within the Makerspace. My hypothesis (based of Berger & Gawande) is that consistent and well design challenges that permit student choice and have an authentic audience beyond the teacher will lead to a culture of craftsmanship.

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