Agile = Innovation at School

We used the Agile Framework to solve some of our school problems.

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Borrowing from the agile model , our school decided to approach some of our organization questions using short sprints.  That is, we looked at how might we questions to improve various aspects about our school, e.g. curriculum, technology, professional development. ...etc.  We invited teachers interested in tackling this challenge.  We found that running short sprints that lasted a few days to just one session was ideal.  Furthermore for our daily sprints we used virtual (Treflo or What's App)  and/ or physical face to face (makeshift SCRUM board).  The flexible, open-ended nature of Agile allows us to fail safely, re-iterate, and prototype ideas.  Key takeaway were to meet regularly for short term, commit to what is doable, and find creative ways to be transparent about the process.

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