7 Tenets of Creative Thinking

You are Creative!

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You are creative, creative thinking is work, you must go through the motions, your brain is not a computer, there is no right answer, there is no such thing as failure, you don't see things as they are - you see them as you are.



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Two of the tenets of creative thinking
2. Creative thinking is work. and
3. You must go through the motions. are 2 concepts that I want to work on with my students.

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I subscribe to Edutopia also, and I was planning to post this. But you beet me to it. Excellent choice.

I particularly like this article because it emphasizes that which Obama, Duncan, Gates, Walton, and etc., don't appear to realize or accept--education is not about training robotic employees in a very narrow set of skills and it is not here to serve industry's whims.

I wish more educators (especially those with advanced degrees) opening and vocally challenge the derision and destructive policies of the current technocrats.

thank you