6 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation

Interesting article on creating a culture of innovation with examples of what certain companies have done to encourage creativity.

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6 Ways to Create a Culture of Innovation (Fast Company)

Interesting article on creating a culture of innovation--including thinking about your mission, creating a structure for unstructured time, free time to experiment, measuring what is meaningful, giving "worthless" rewards, getting symbolic, and no rubber stamping.

From the article: "the most powerful and robust type of recognition—the kind that shapes organizational values—often occurs more informally. Several members of Colgate-Palmolive’s Global R&D group initiated a "recognition economy" by distributing symbolic wooden nickels to colleagues who had made noteworthy contributions to their projects. The fortunate recipients didn’t hoard their winnings. They passed them on to others who had chipped in on projects that they themselves had led.

Nickels are now distributed in meetings, but it’s not uncommon for employees to return from lunch and find a few nickels anonymously placed on their desks. It’s a fun and validating idea; such informal acknowledgments encourage a collective spirit and help promote the free flow of ideas."


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So much one can learn from other people's sharing. Loved this story Jessica Lura 

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