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Student-run EdCamp could build character schoolwide

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In response to Q3 from 7-27-16 Blab "How might we build character in our students school wide?"

Students could envision, create and run their own EdCamp for the entire school.  

--Inspired by #Edumatch Tweet & Talk 53 Student Perspectives on Technology. The students were very inspiring - full of ideas, insights and zest -truly reflective of their growth mindset. 

Additional inspiration: Brainstorm Community Action Voxer group has been sharing ideas and resources around a similar concept.  This blogpost by Glenn Robbins Is Student Voice Truly Heard in Schools?  is full of action points. He talks about how his school has implemented a daily EdCamp period. At the bottom of the blog are some other related links including a short student-created video about the daily EdCamp period.

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Cathy, the idea of student run and led edcamps would offer a powerful perspective and voice. How might we craft it to be sure it does not turn into a student exhibit, presentation or display? I really love the idea because it isn't the norm.

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@Valerie Lewis - Great question and Iā€™m confident that through dialogue, collaboration, reflection we will find answers! Here are a few thoughts ā€”

We might start by making a list of character traits we want to build through this activity/project ā€” such as flexible, organized, inclusive, collaborative, etc. We can also look at some models already being implemented (see the link I added to my original contribution). We as teachers will provide guidelines for the students to build on and we will be there as coaches and advisors to model and guide the collaborative process.