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Use Pokemon Go as a launching point for character education.

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This is a pretty half baked idea. But this article got me thinking about the educational potential of Pokemon Go. And naturally, that made me think about whether it aligned with character education.

Some things I've been thinking about:

  • Kids could use the Pokemon Go app to explore their local place - areas in walking distance of the school (we have a school board rule that you can take kids on walking field trips from the school if parents are notified the day before)
  • Create Pokemons that exhibit one of the nine character traits (Fist bump to Chris Good's superhero idea linked below)
  • Engage in team battles to work on collaboration and communication skills
  • Use it as a launching point for how play and games can be important learning opportunities and how they can matter much more than just having fun. Have the students make that connection, rather than me. (It's a design question! "How might Pokemon Go be more than just a game?" or "How might we use Pokemon Go to bring good to the world?")
  • Use it to explore perspective-taking and empathy. Looking at the same thing from different angles and from different perspectives.

So. Any other ideas? Let me know in the comments.

(I realize the practical problems with this idea like students having to bring their own devices, installing the Pokemon Go app on school devices, privacy issues, etc. But at this point, I'm ignoring constraints and just going with this wild idea.)

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I LOVE this too! And I've been trying to think of a way to use Pokemon Go for GOOD! This is awesome.... 

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