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Have students submit their own images for agreed-upon classroom character goals.

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Students can easily participate in the same #buildcharacter social media activity as a good intro to the school year activity.

First, a class could agree on 4-5 character strengths to work on throughout the year. Then (to take the activity offline), students could bring in images to put up on the wall and leave there all year. It'd be nice to see who students admire for their grit, or what students think zest looks like.

This could also be done online without having to  use student social media accounts: students could submit images to Google Classroom, Padlet or a classroom Flickr account (you can create an email address to easily submit photos), and from there it'd be easy to make a collage of images to use as a desktop background image whenever a screen is projected. To introduce students to digital tools, a teacher could do a mini-lesson on adding text using anything from Picfont (a web-based editor that requires no download), an app like Adobe Spark, or even a program like Photoshop. 

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Such a cool and simple idea!  I love how there are so many ways that a classroom can interpret and implement this in many ways.

I wonder too if there s a way to use this a a character building exercise by having students select positive character traits they admire in their peers - and then select images representative of those individuals. Could be a nice way to encourage students to appreciate positive traits found in others and not just those we wish to emulate ourselves.

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Oh, I like it as a classroom community builder too, as you suggested. Thanks!

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