The Wander Society

Create a Wander Society to notice our local place, inspire curiosity and whimsy in others, and create a better world for everyone.

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The Wander Society is a book by Keri Smith (she of How to be an Explorer of the World and Wreck This Book). In its essence, it asks you to wander, in an aimless way. Wander in your neighbourhood, city, countryside, and landscape. It also invites you to interact with your environment, and leave things behind that others might find. This idea of interacting with strangers in a asynchronous way really intrigues me. I think that inviting students to do this would bring an instant sense of curiosity to the classroom. Perhaps we might leave art, writings, letters, notes, instructions, interactive exhibits? The goal would be to inspire others; to leave the world a better, more curious, more whimsical place than we came to it. The spin offs could be huge.


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Erin thank you for sharing this. I love the idea and Lisa your Idea of a silent walk is one i would like to try with my 5th graders. let you know how it goes!

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