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Moonshot Ideas:

- International field trips/study abroad in collaboration with international schools (visit a space station!)
- Character report cards for politicians
- Everyday, one person's problem is the world's purpose - public forum for soliciting input on problems someone is facing

Schoolwide Initiatives: 

- Restorative Justice: Eliminate suspension, students lead process, parents teachers are invited in, focus is on strengthening relationships and ties to school community

- Service Learning: Required volunteer hours and education to graduate - students begin young with teachers providing options, eventually high schoolers identify their own project based on community needs that they see
- "Brown Bag Lunches" and TEDxTalks
- Buddy Benches! - if someone needs company, or is lonely, they sit on the buddy bench and others know that this means to include them
- Encourage creative performance/media for the school

- International Education: additional international-focused classes
- Projects that encourage failure, real products for authentic audiences
- Make a creative arcade for the school


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Holy moly! So many cool ideas here!!

Global citizenship seems to be a theme amongst many of them. I taught a global citizenship option class for grade 7s a couple of years back, and we did a school-twinning project through the Canadian International Development Agency with a school in Jamaica. It brought them a whole different perspective on what it means to be a citizen of the world, ESPECIALLY because it was with a school in a developing country.

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