Students as Social Activists

Students work collaboratively to design a school-wide initiative that will effect social change within their community.

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As an entirely student-led initiative, students build upon their character in the following ways:

-work cooperatively and collaboratively within their class group to determine in which social cause to participate

-identify their own individual strengths as they determine and volunteer for necessary roles and ways to contribute to the initiative

-communicate with members of the greater community to collect information, resources, expertise 

These are some initial thoughts...please feel free to contribute your own!


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I like this, Sheena! The scaffolding that could occur with design thinking in this task would make it even richer, I think!

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Thanks! I wanted to get it in before the deadline, but haven't been able to give it too much time. I'd love to chat about it sometime and flesh out the idea. Maybe during Design the Shift?