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Where do I belong?

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Find something amazing in nature -- like a lonely petal I found--  Question why it fascinates you, become the thing, change your perspective! Tell the object's story... Bring it to life-- How did I get here? Where is my family? Use creative ways to convey how it must feel to be a flower petal?


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going to try this one out Monica!

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Monica Huebner  Building on this idea, I think some kind of Mindful Nature Walk could really help students develop Curiosity while experiencing the beauty of their (often overlooked) natural surroundings. It's also an opportunity to be Curious about not just the outside world but also their inside world. How do they feel when walking through the park? How does a flower smell? How does a leaf feel on their skin? The possibilities are endless!

I really like the creative storytelling aspect as well, in getting students to use their imagination and have fun!