Naked and afraid

Students will be transported to a virtual island with unique survival items and they must solve puzzles and make it out together.

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  1. Put the school on lockdown
  2. Prep the scene
    1. Get trained anesthesiologists to put students to sleep
    2. Put students on IV drip that can feed them for a week
    3. Give students anti-motion-sickness patches
    4. Give students VR headsets that cannot be taken off without a key
  3. Students are given a unique survival tool or skill
  4. They must then explore the virtual world, which is a giant island, and try to survive for a week
  5. Students have to team up with other students in order to complement each others' survival skills
  6. The survival skills will be used to solve puzzles and obtain clues to get off the island
  7. How it ends
    1. if you die in VR you get an F
    2. Students that make it off the island build lots of character


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Totally love the gamified aspect of this. It makes me wonder... in a video game, if you die, you go back to the last "checkpoint." Rather than receiving an F, what if they were transported back to last decision they had to make - another opportunity for them to exercise their decision-making skills and continue to build competence in problem-solving.

One of my most memorable projects as a student was back in grade 3 when our teacher "transported" us to a new planet called Nardo. He had us close our eyes, and he gently tilted each of our chairs back so we were facing the ceiling, and "blasted us off" to this new planet. When we opened our eyes, there was this huge piece of paper on the floor of the classroom, and it was our job to figure out how to set up a new society there, from scratch.

The VR would be totally cool. But this idea is also completely doable without it.

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