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Practice Mindfulness as a way to be present in the moment (and classroom).

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Mindfulness practice in schools, at any age, has shown a hugely beneficial return on a small investment of time.  At both the personal and systemic level, students who can self-regulate are better self-advocates and have the skill to take charge of and responsibility for their actions and learning at levels that exceed those not so practiced.  Such self-awareness has positive effects on students' character, decreasing aggression, increasing understanding and empathy.

Additionally, teachers, admin, all staff, practicing Mindfulness at least once/day . . . ?  This can benefit the entire ecosystem of the school/district.

This idea is simply to train a cadre of teachers in each building in simple mindfulness techniques.  The teachers would then run building-wide training for other teachers to help implement district wide.  

The practice consists of anywhere from 1--3 minutes of quiet, focused attention to breathing, seated or standing.  However, lessons can be created for biology or phys. ed. / health classes that focus on stress reduction, increased knowledge of the brain and how it processes threats and stress, etc.

Total time commitment:

  • Training of initial cadre of teachers--1-2 days of PD
  • Training of building staff--approx 8 hours with ongoing, 1/month checkups (@ 30 minutes/session)
  • Class time (with lessons)--once/week 42 minute class period for 6 weeks then once/day 1--3 minute mindfulness practice
  • Class time (without full lessons)--once/day approx 5 minutes.


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I used this book with my students: http://learning2breathe.org/

They loved it. I also used calm.com to help us centre ourselves when we needed it.

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I thought the name was familiar.  L2B does a lot of work in and around Philadelphia.  The book's author is at West Chester.  Thanks for the  link Erin

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