Character Sketches (Literally)

Exploring character traits through inventing/creating new superhero characters and shaping their stories around our lives.

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Some of the most intense examples of character traits - both positive and negative - are expressed on the pages of comics. Superheros and Supervillans represent the absolute best and the absolute worst in our society (and when most successful, they challenge us to realize that the lines that divide those extremes are deeply blurred).

What if students explored the impact of character and specific character traits by inventing their own comic book characters.
Students would explore and research how different character traits influence their lives and craft original backstories for their characters. Each backstory would define the life events that shaped their character's world view.

As a follow-up exercise students could be asked to explore how their original character might interact in certain prescribed scenarios. 

Students could also adopt these characters as personal avatars for the class - a constant reminder of specific traits each student hopes to portray on a daily basis.

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