Build, Give, Thank

build random things to give away and receive gratitude

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A kid build a random thing, anything, by using any object, then give it to a friend. 

A friend (receiver) expresses gratitude to the giver; then the receiver build off what he/she receives and create a new thing/gift. After that, he/she gives it to someone else and receive gratitude.

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I really like that this is meant to be a gift that keeps on giving! I wonder if teachers can provide a mini-lesson or even give students little cards with ad-libs to provide support for students in sharing their gratitude. 

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Random acts of kindness, tangible-style! I love this. You know what would be super cool is if each student secretly chose someone they knew (or even a stranger they noticed!) to secretly research... their job would be to find things out about them, understand their "user" and then create something that would either solve a problem for them or bring joy to them or make their life just a little bit easier. And then secretly gift that thing to them, without ever revealing themselves. A gift with nothing expected in return. What a way to build empathy!

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How might we teach the builder to put into place thought about the gift they would like to share with a friend? Will it be meaningful to the user? How might we teach them to observe and build for the user? I really like this idea.