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Whatever the students experience from the first day can be boosted by getting their families involved before school even starts!

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Have a family night before school starts! Get parents, families, and caretakers together to talk about the importance of character education. Have them identify their core values or play some kind of character games. It can be a food and drinks mixer with a purpose to generate buy in from the whole community to support students!

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At our teachers' convention every year, our teachers' union has a crowdsourced voting board, where there's a bunch of posters up, and you each get a sticker (which are different according to which grade level you teach) and you place your sticker on whichever category aligns most with your opinion. It would be neat to do something like that at the family fair - maybe poll kids and parents as to which character strength they think their child should focus on most for the upcoming school year? That would be a good talking point for families. I also wonder about crowdsourcing ideas from parents about some of the things we talked about in the Blab last night - what are some things we could do here at the school and at home to build character? Take their ideas too. :)

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