Fail Lab

A creative space in school to guide students through failure activities and develop a compassionate understanding of failure.

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It is a safe space to fail and rise. 

1 Failure Experience Zone #failure is a learning state.

    A journey to help students to experience 1) What is failure? 2) how failure feels?  thus to demystify failure. 

   Group challenges followed by empathic reflections to learn about  #groupgratitude. 

2 Experiment Zone  #What to learn from failure?

  Students can come with a question or a moonshot project. They go through design thinking activities like Drop off 'what if', "How might We" questions, etc. 


3 Into The Wild 

   Encourage exploration based on compassionate understanding of failure 

   Guide students to learn about appreciating failure and exploring the unknown options.  Design activities to reward detour and exploration. As long as they stay positive and have fun in the process, they can learn from any situation, including failure. 

4. Gallery  #progression from failure to meaningful learning 

  In the space, there will be a gallery of famous failures. In the meantime, students walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that they created by documenting crazy failures they have accomplished in the lab and life.  



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Lucy Chen Valerie Lewis Lucy and I talked about this at the Brainstorm event at IDEO! I think a great way to pilot this is first through a pop-up lesson to introduce students to the concept. In terms of scaling though, I wonder if there could be an opportunity for a teacher or administrator to open up their office and turn it into the designated "Fail Lab" where anyone can just walk in during lunch time and share their stories of failure and triumph. 

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