Importance of Emotional Intellengence

Watch the video clip--fabulous example of empathy and EQ

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Watch this clip of a young Portuguese boy consoling an upset French fan at the end of the match between France and Portugal (Euro 2016 final). It's absolutely priceless.

The French fan is obviously upset and the Portuguese fan notices this and consoles him. He clearly is empathizing with the French fan and then, with additional EQ, waits until the French fan has left before he starts to cheer again for Portugal. Great moment but many students would not be able, in the moment, stop and empathize with a fan of the losing team.

As our students, like the Portuguese boy, come into contact with people who are different than they are (whether it's in our classroom, in the community, or the global society), they need to be emotionally- and socially-savvy. So... how might we support students in developing emotional intelligence skills at school? 

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I really love the image of the babies you uploaded but also the real life example of the Portuguese and French fan. It is important to be aware socially and emotionally about  people's feelings. This is important work! How do you respond to students that may have developed the attitude that they "don't care."