Encouraging life-long learners

Companies offer cool incentives to push their employees to pursue their interests

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Two of my friends work for companies that encourage curiosity and life-long learning in their employees. One company offers a monthly stipend for an employee to take a class in anything, unrelated to the employee's job role: it can be a class in dance, art, music, etc. Another company offers a birthday "present" of funding for the employee to do something (anything!) and requests that the employee report back to the team about what he/she did. I love that an individual's personal interests are encouraged, and that employees are encouraged to develop and share their lives beyond their work. Students, too, should be asked about what they're curious about, and given chances to pursue those interests.

Optional: What are some character strengths you’ve worked on with students in the past? Why did you focus on these?

Curiosity, discipline, grit

Optional: How comfortable do you feel incorporating character education in your curriculum? (1-10, where 10 = very comfortable!)


Optional: Tell us more! What's one thing you wish there was more of / less of when it comes to character learning in schools?

I'd love to see more discussion about compassion and empathy.


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Great contribution,  Kim Vinh !
Compassion and empathy are such key elements that are easily put in the drawer due to curriculum pressure and lack of time. How might we support students in Understanding their identity as they build it with others?

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