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Character lesson: Listening

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I've learned that being passionate about ideas is a great asset, but not if you don't listen to what others contribute. To co-create, active listening is essential!

Optional: What are some character strengths you’ve worked on with students in the past? Why did you focus on these?

I have worked on active listening using an interview exercise early on in class. Showing interest in classmates' answers, reflecting what is heard, and actively listening to each other builds empathy which is critical in today's society. It also helps the students answering questions to self-analyze and reflect.

Optional: How comfortable do you feel incorporating character education in your curriculum? (1-10, where 10 = very comfortable!)


Optional: Tell us more! What's one thing you wish there was more of / less of when it comes to character learning in schools?

I wish there was an equal focus on character development and content mastery.


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