Have students work in collaborative teams to undertake a creative challenge from https://www.hitrecord.org/

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HitRecord is a community of creative folks working together as a new kind of production company, started by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The site is all about collaborating, remixing, and creating together. Anyone can download and remix anyone else's work. The project truly exemplifies all nine character strengths: curiosity, gratitude, grit, growth mindset, purpose, self-control, social/emotional intelligence, and zest. 

This would be the first project we would do together, and I would ask the students to work in teams, accept a creative challenge in a genre of their choice, and create (or remix) an interpretation of one of the nine character strengths. For example, a group might accept the challenge "Write a script in which a human talks to (or with) their dog" and write a script where humans and dogs demonstrate grit. Another group could accept the challenge "How can we illustrate "Silence"?" and draw a symbolic representation of self-control.

I think it would be really interesting for the students to critically examine the concept of the "remix" too - and how this method of collaboration plays out in modern pop culture as a way to give "props" (or gratitude) to one another and truly "plus" one another's ideas.

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I really like the diversity in the types of challenges, and I think it is unique that the challenges are categorized by media instead of a topic or issue! 

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