A travelling notebook gets passed amongst students for each to add to about what makes them curious.

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Some amazing colleagues of mine started a project called #carryCuriosity this spring. It's a travelling notebook, along with a couple of great books (Angela Stockman's Make Writing and Linda Berry's incredible Syllabus), and asks educators to answer one question: what makes you curious? It's currently making its way across Canada and the US, and each contributor is adding, remixing, and augmenting what others wrote and drew before them.

I wondered: could this work with kids? Could we pass a notebook amongst a class of students, asking them to add to it with what makes them curious, gets them all full of zest? Could they be inspired by what their classmates wrote, and take time and care to add their own piece? And wouldn't it be amazing if this could be mailed from classmate to classmate before the start of the school year? If I included some stamps and a list of addresses, it would totally be doable (though not this school year unfortunately).

I need to think carefully about what inspiration materials I could include in the package. I think one book I'd for sure include would be Keri Smith's amazing book How to be an Explorer of the World. I've always wanted to use that book with middle schoolers.

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I absolutely LOVE this- and with your OK- would love to start it at school this year- start with my class- then pass it along throughout the school? Do you have any literacy suggestions that could go along with it for elementary- I too can do some hunting!  I am curious to see what awesome things our students are curious about!  Start small - then perhaps branch out!

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Oh ABSOLUTELY!!! And please share back what happens! 

I'll ask my lovely colleague Heather if she has any literature suggestions. She's a brilliant early childhood educator and literacy specialist. 

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sounds great!!  thank you :)  I will be sure to #carryCurosity

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