Student's engaging with academic Pen-Pals

Student's in my classes were asked to choose a partner from a different class period, to engage with them in a group project.

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Each one of my classes was asked to choose a student from another class period to be their partner on a common project.  I asked the other teacher's on my team to assist me on this project, during homeroom time.  Students were asked to use their personal devices, or classroom computers to communicate with one another and complete the assignment.  This required them to share responsibilities, as well as share what they were finding as they went along.  This was social studies based, so research was required during the two day experiment.  The students really enjoyed being able to use their devices in class, as well as the feeling that they were a part of a scavenger hunt, so to speak.  

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

Students today learn differently that in past generations. One thing that I constantly hear from my students is that they become bored with traditional ways of thinking. This idea allowed them to use modern ideas(devices) to communicate with someone, while working together .


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