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Design a pathway that enthusiastically embraces global education per the Asia Society for Global Education.

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See this link for overview of global education: This pathway can do what the Ridge is doing with SPIRE. Combine disciplines to solve world problems. Afford a different schedule for long inquiry and activity. Like a cohort... is just one of the many options we can use to connect our students to students all over the world in joint projects.

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

Students want to be challenged and engaged.


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Jayme, this is so cool! Have you worked with Asia Society before.? I love the idea of connecting students to a larger global community. Such a great opportunity to make connections from their experiences to the world as a whole. I'd love to learn more about your vision for this in Gwinnett!

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Yes, I have! I was fortunate enough to earn a fellowship with Teachers for Global Classrooms! I spent a year studying global education through the Asia Society and spent three weeks in Brazil studying their education system. During that time, I spent a week in a small town in southern Brazil in a school. It was an extraordinary experience!

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