Dogs in Classrooms

Therapy dogs can my used as rewards, incentives, and partners in the classroom.

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1. Therapy dogs can be used as reading buddies for students to read aloud to in order to build fluency and decoding skills.

2. Therapy dogs can be used as language buddies for English Language Learners to speak English to. A nonjudgmental partner will foster risk taking and likelihood to try their new language.

3. Therapy dogs can be used to teach lessons on careers, anatomy, and other life science related topics as well as advisement topics.

4. Therapy dogs can also visit as rewards for meeting predetermined goals.

5. Barriers: deciding what criteria/group a dog should be registered with in order to qualify as a therapy dog, allergies, fears

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

Middle school students are often reluctant to share for fear of being judged. Dogs are non-threatening.

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