Art and furniture

Students design murals that reflect who they are; in addition, investigate furniture options other than standard desks.

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The school setting is entirely too institutionalized. No natural light; cinder block walls--it is not a welcoming place for students to "own" or feel- as if they have a stake in it. I'm thinking student input on student designs--I'd like to see what research is out there on physical space. I realize that any teacher can redesign his/her classroom with odd furniture; that doesn't really need a project like this to make it happen, but I know there is substantive data out there on physical space especially in places like Silicon Valley that could support re-thinking the classroom design.

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

Students are disconnected from teachers and from the school--many are, certainly not all. The common thread seemed to be that teachers don't understand them--cannot relate to their lives. The school structure and physical space certainly doesn't relate to their lives...maybe this is a start.


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