Academic Day with Sports Professional

This would be a day that one of the representatives from either the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks or Atlanta United Teams come to share.

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This day could work out to be both educational, fun and awe inspiring.  I envision a day where Miguel Almiron (current Attacking Midfield Star on Atlanta United Soccer Professional Team) comes in discuss how he moves on the field and makes passes using his soccer IQ, but a deeper dive, will show through some mathematics that he uses and vision, organization and angles of geometry are also crucial for him know to accomplish his goals on the field.  This day would be seen as both fun and educational. 

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

Students want to connect to the world around them and sports figures help them created personal goals to attain. These figures can add motivation where some times teachers, textbooks or school just don't do enough.


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