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Photo of Jennifer Mead

I have a digital camera that I give the students for one day each. It is a Kodak 10xshot.
The students take photos.
I download the photos at the computer and print them on the copy machine
11x17 paper/12 photos to a page.
I cut the paper in strips and the students glue a VERY long strip of photos.
They accordion fold the pages and glue the book into a pre-cut cover to create a unique book.
We will display these at Open House but they tend to stay out on desks because the kids LoVe them.
Each student has their OWN book from their camera day.
There will be 30 days represented, but I bet they ask for the camera for a second day of personal photo taking!
(Camera: I read in a post that someone bought one at a garage sale or ebay SUPER cheap.)

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