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Why do students who are so close to passing classes (High School) still fail?

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Meeting student needs starts with deep understanding. Empathy interviews drive toward the why to uncover new insights. 

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Why don’t students pass classes, especially when they are close to passing?

It was “too hard”

I didn’t realize how close I was.

I was sick.

I had stuff going on.

I didn’t care enough

No one cared whether I passed or not

I didn’t understand the consequences of not passing

My teacher said that “I could not make up the missing work”

I failed the final

I didn’t know how to study

I didn’t know how to manage my time

I gave up

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Thanks for your contribution Melanie. So interesting to hear all the reasons given for not finishing, especially when students were so close or those who maybe could have been prevented from failing with an intervention. I look forward to seeing what comes from this, or if it presents some things to test.