Empathy Activity- Student Interview

I got to know more about my students through the empathy interview.

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Saroda Chattopadhyay 

I love that you used the 3 minute Know Me activity with your student. So cool that you are going to create a lesson around your students' idea!

What else do you think this means for your design journey?

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I have been thinking about how I can excite the students to use more technology in and outside the classroom. I am planning to buy some Makerspace items that the students can use during recess time in the computer lab like 3D pens and Arduino kits. I am also thinking and brainstorming with other computer teachers in the district to figure out what issues teachers might be facing that are not allowing them to integrate more technology into their classrooms. I will be doing a quick anonymous survey to see what tools students like to use in the computer lab and try to incorporate those in their classrooms. Science fair is coming up, so I have encouraged the students to type up the Science fair project in a Google Doc template that I have  shared with the teachers. If we can find the problems that teachers face during teaching and find educational technology solutions to help resolve those problems, I feel that we can empower the teachers to use new technology tools in the classroom and it will be a win-win situation for all!