A Glimpse into How Technology is Used in Classrooms

I interviewed several students and was able to watch another classroom in how they utilize technology in the classroom.

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Tommie Ebanez 

Thank you for sharing your Empathy reflection! I'm so intrigued to see what you create this year. It's clear that there is a need for students AND teachers in how tech is used in the classroom. How might you support folks to feel successful with tech in the classroom?

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Hi Adha,

I have been thoroughly thinking about this for pretty much the entire time I've worked in Fremont Unified School District. I feel more of a need for training or opportunities to polish edtech skills. I recognize the district has offered them before but I think the most appealing of sessions was the Saturday edtech summit where teachers/coaches had sessions to showcase lessons and strategies. I think what's crazy is that we have so many teachers in our district who are absolute pros, however, their knowledge is not always shared with others in the district or even with their site. I want to recognize those individuals and curate their lessons for others to access and utilize. I think we can develop a program/system in FUSD to better support those who would like/need that resource by accessing individuals who already excel in that particular skill set.

I think we can work on developing templates that make it easier for teachers who would like that additional scaffolding to make it easier to integrate with their classes. Then with the help of our wonderful coaches, they can further polish their skills in utilizing these modern tools in education.

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BTW, That picture was taken on a weather balloon my students built last year. We attached a GoPro to the outside and it took that shot about 95,000 feet in the air. You can actually see Monterey in the picture!