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Using student groups to facilitate empathy building activities

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Two groups of seventh graders and two groups of eighth graders will be selected to serve as the first cohort of student empathy leaders.    These students will represent a cross section of our student population and who are identified as student leaders.  Starting with a one day summer "camp" students will begin learning about empathy through lessons, activities, and book studies.   This will continue into the first nine weeks of school.  Starting in the second nine weeks, students will begin planning lesson, activities, and school community events to promote empathy among their peers.  

During the third and fourth nine weeks, students in these groups will go into other advisory classrooms to implement the lessons and activities they created about empathy.

The goal of these advisories is to create students leaders who will teach their peers about empathy and serve as examples of what empathy can look like on a regular basis within our school.

Here is my working document with my ideas.

Empathy Resource Template

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Hi Denise Webster I love your pitch video! This is a great idea and I look forward to seeing it come to life!

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