Put your self in someone else's shoes!

How would you feel if you didn't have access to go to school? have a home? enough food? access to medical help? Act it out!

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Divide the class into four groups. 1. has no food 2. has no home-  3. no medical care 4. no access to education.

1. those that don't have food have to miss snack and watch others eat theirs

2. Those that don't have a home (do on a rainy day) go outside to see where they could find shelter

3. those had no access to medical health, put arm in the air (pretending it was broken and it healed crookedly) and follow the homeless group not dropping their arm until exercise is complete

4. those that can't have an education follow the medical health group that is following the homeless and pretend that they are working and tending their sheep ; and those without food also follow them.

come back to the classroom and play a fun game but those who can't go to school have to clean their desk and then stand and wait until the game is over.

Then have snack (except that the group that doesn't have food can't eat).

The whole time the group with the arm in the air keeps it their.

Afterwords reflect on how they felt etc. 

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Not sure where I should write comments to evaluate but will try it here!

I would suggest to take only one of these topics and ideas and build it. For example:
If you choose : some people don't have enough food.
Provocation: What does it feel like to go without snack? How about if some people have snack and you don't? Does that make it better or worse?
Make a comic strip of The day in a life of someone who does not have food? What might they be thinking? Feeling? Acting?
Research: Why do some people not have enough food?
Brainstorm first all the reasons you think they don't have enough food. Then find out or verify your reasons! Were there reasons that surprised you?
Should everyone have the right to have enough food? Is it a right?
How can we help those who don't have enough food?

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