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Face your fears and immerse yourself in the unknown.

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Students and teachers will choose a group of people that makes them uncomfortable and commit to spending a day in that population.  When something makes us feel uncomfortable, the important question to ask yourself is why? Many times this fear comes from the unknown. When you immerse yourself in what you fear and get to know people as individuals we begin to break down walls, and build empathy and understanding. 

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Hi Kelli! this is very would this be structured in a classroom and school environment? How would you prepare and encourage students to go into an uncomfortable situation? What might the reflection process look like to encourage building empathy? Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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Love this idea! I have lots of questions, how would you pair students and adults? Would it be during the school day or after school? How would you introduce this to students and adults? This could be great for special ed students.

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Hi Kelli Harper I love this idea! You're so right that immersing yourself in a different experience can help to build bridges. I'm looking forward to seeing you build out this idea with strategies that teachers can use in their classrooms. I would love to see some ideas for nudging students to get beyond the fear and get outside of their comfort zones. Taking that first step is the hardest part. The next step for this idea is to begin building it out. Add an image and also think about starting a collaborative Google doc so others can help. Add the doc link to your contribution page and let's make this happen!