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Increase the number of home visits that teachers do. These visits help to build a bridge between teacher and family, school and home.

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I really like the home visits idea and think that it really provides the opportunity for educators to learn about their students and families. What if the visit is tied to a special project that the student does and gets to share with parents and teacher at home, possibly some kind of family history, that might lead to conversations, sharing, and learning about the student and family? Or what if the visits tied in some way with teacher conferences? So many ways to go with this...I do like the idea of a Home Visit Guide!

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Keara, congrats on making it Build. I think home visits is a powerful relationship building pathway for educators. How do you think it will help to build empathy? One build I have -- what if there was the "Home Visits Guide for Educators : How to visits homes with care and compassion" -- home visits is a staple technique in many schools / districts.. but I think sometimes we don't always know how to visit attentively so that we're truly empathizing.

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Hi Keara Duggan !
I love this idea! I used to do this prior to the start of each year when I was a preschool teacher. I personally found it extremely helpful to learn a little more about my students' home life, what their day to day is like, what kind of routines they are use to, and to (most importantly) help them and their family feel a little bit more at ease with the year ahead by introducing myself and answering any questions that they may have for me.

I'm sure this would look very different if it were to be done for older students, but I feel like the benefits would be just as valuable.

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Hi Keara Duggan !
I agree, home visits are so powerful! Lisa already asked some great questions and I wonder if we could interview a few teachers and students from different schools/grades to learn more about how home visits help bridge teacher/school and home/student experiences?

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This is so important as a means to understanding our students! I know that even meeting parents on parents night-I teach in high school-gives me amazing insight into a student. I wonder if there are other ways to bridge this important gap? And I wonder if there are ways to create this same feeling/knowledge with older students? What is it about the home visit that is so powerful? What insights do we gain? And how could we imagine other ways to do this that might be easier? Just a few thoughts. I'd love to hear what you think!