Character Education

A class or a program where students can learn what it means to be human, and apply those skills in the real world.

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Hi Margaret Cole ! Great idea! I have used Positive Action in the middle school level and it's a great curriculum and is a research based program. What program or method are you using?

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Hi Margaret! This is a great idea--does your school already have a program like this in place?

When I taught middle school, we implemented a character education/character values program that happened once a week on our minimum days (35 min lesson). As a staff, we chose 8 character values to teach throughout the year. Each month, a different set of teachers was responsible for designing, implementing, and teaching the character lessons in their class (ie, Sept: Perseverance, taught by & in Math, Oct: Creativity, taught by 7 in Science, etc) ---that way the work to create the lessons was shared. Usually there was an art component to each month so that the value was "advertised" out in the hallways, and although one set of teachers directly taught the value for the month, all staff incorporated it in as much as possible.

Would love to hear about what you or your school is doing!

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What do the programs look like now? So much of what we learn in school is just how to be and converse. I can't wait to hear more!

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Hi Margaret Cole I love your idea to create a character education program. There are so many great resources available but few programs that provide students with the time and space to develop character. The next step is to begin to think about how this program could look in your school or other schools. You might want to create a collaborative Google doc and add the link to your contribution page so that others can join in.