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Take all of your staff on a school bus tour through the neighborhoods your school serves. Host a block party with families at each stop!

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I think this sounds really fun and always nice to see people in different environments! How might we go further into building empathy? Could their be structured conversations or activities? Maybe its based around a community service event? Maybe its changing the format of a traditional meeting that schools usually have and putting it in a new location with the block party after?

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I love this. And how great it would be if there were families of all different cultures and traditions and foods! What a great way to share their traditions with the school community. I wonder how you could build this idea out? How might we create some sort of template for schools so they could implement this easily? It also reminds me of those "progressive" dinner parties that move from house to house with a different course at each stop. I'd love to help you move this idea along. Let me know if you have questions--

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I love any idea with food in it --it's such a great connector. Have you done something similar before?

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Jessica-- I haven't done this personally, but an elementary school I work with in Indianapolis did this past August with great success.

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Keara Duggan I love this idea! So creative .. and tasty! :) Could students help to organize these events? What would happen at the block parties? What kind of next steps or actionable learning/empathy work could happen there?