Be-A-Buddy Reverse Inclusion Progam

8th grade students serve as positive peer models by providing dignified social opportunities for students with social needs.

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I am the LLD (Language and Learning Disabled) teacher at our middle school.  When I started here, I was essentially hired to create and teach the LLD program since there wasn't one prior.  I felt I was meeting the academic and language needs of our students. Where I struggled, was with how to address their delicate social and emotional needs and so Be-A-Buddy was developed. Through mentoring and friendship, typical 8th grade students volunteer their choice period twice a week to provide dignified social opportunities for students with language and social needs with the platform being sports.  The outward display of empathy and inclusion is contributing to cultivating a more caring and socially inclusive community in our middle school.

update: 3/27/17 Here's a quick lesson to get started.  This lesson is on goal setting and making yourself a promise at the start of the school year.   I've also included a google student survey to get a feel for where students are as you  start the year.  I do another at the end of each MP and a final one at the end of the year. **see attachments

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"Thank you so much for connecting on the phone yesterday to provide some coaching! It was really helpful to collaborate and receive feedback. Please check out the updates here and let me know what you think. (Beth)"

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In working with my coach, Michael, I've created a pdf file to share the specifics on how you can develop your own reverse inclusion program and promote empathy in students. I invite you to check it out! updated March 18, 2017


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