Athena Curriculum

ELA and Social Studies courses blend into one curriculum that challenges students to analyze and respond to historical social injustices.

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Inspired by the Apollo School (York, Pennsylvania), as well as the Scholars Program at Ridgeview High School (Columbia, SC), the Athena School would be a similar curriculum targeted for middle school students. It is named after Athena because she was the goddess of war, however she was known only to fight for just causes, and would not fight without a purpose. The Athena School would provide students a space to find a purpose worth fighting for. Students will research historical injustices that make them want to fight, as well as challenge students to bring the history into a modern light so that their generation can empathize with history. 

Instead of having separate ELA and Social Studies, classes would combine into one block of time. Seventh grade ELA and Social Studies content standards would be the primary focus. Students will take ownership of the standards, selecting which ones they will fulfill, and each day they are held accountable for designing their schedule. A common schedule would include mini-lessons with the teachers, independent research, interviews, collecting resources, and also producing products that show a synthesis of their learning. 

What the final products will look like is unknown: students could publish creative writing, start a campaign, write letters to their representatives, or complete a multitude of multi-genre work that demonstrates mastery of their standards, but just as importantly, an Athena-like passion for empathy and justice.

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